My College Room Tour. [Fall 2017]

The one thing I’ve promised over social media, and the one thing I’ve TOTALLY procrastinated on — is finally here. Forgive me xx My room tour! I haven’t gotten around to making this post since school and extracurriculars just kind of slapped me in the face. On a separate note, I’m really excited to show… Continue reading My College Room Tour. [Fall 2017]

How to Spice Up Your Life (Fall Edition)

Now that it’s officially fall, we can without a doubt dive into some warm tones, festive decorations, and dress for fall weather. (Well, in some places.) One awesome way to celebrate the fall season is to do something different with your makeup! I never realized how cute an orange shadow could be. Here’s a little… Continue reading How to Spice Up Your Life (Fall Edition)

Back to School Outfit Ideas. πŸŒ™

Hey babes! After finally moving into my university apartment and getting settled in, I wanted to make a back-to-school-outfits post! I wanted to show you all how I think it’s possible to be comfortable but still look really quite put together. Here are some accumulated outfits I documented over the course of a few weeks… Continue reading Back to School Outfit Ideas. πŸŒ™