My College Room Tour. [Fall 2017]

The one thing I’ve promised over social media, and the one thing I’ve TOTALLY procrastinated on — is finally here. Forgive me xx

My room tour! I haven’t gotten around to making this post since school and extracurriculars just kind of slapped me in the face. On a separate note, I’m really excited to show you all my room this year. I feel extremely blessed to be able to live on campus and still have the privacy and privileges of having my own room x bathroom.

Anyway, let’s get into it πŸ™‚


This year, I live in the “junior-senior-faculty” building. It’s probably the nicest in terms of what you’re able to have. For the last 3 years, I’ve had to lug all of my laundry downstairs every week, but this building allows each room to have its own laundry unit.

So there is one other person I share this apartment with, hence the “B” and I’m sure you all know who lives in room A. My girl, Sarah!


Shall we?


This is what it looks like when you first open the door. The focal point of my room is obviously, my bed. Haha.


After you walk in, this is what it looks like if you were to shift your focus to the right side of my room. (So sorry for the dirty mirror, I’m a lazy slob)

I got my mirror from IKEA, and that poof-thing from HomeGoods. I’m pointing those two out because they’re some of the new additions to my room this year. I was kind of tired of the flimsy glass mirror that I had last year and the year before that.

Rug from IKEA as well πŸ™‚


Honestly, I spend a lot of time on my bed. I kind of love it. Plus, I like sleeping..


I wish you could lay on this bed! I have a really thick mattress topper that makes it super comfortable.


Here is a detailed close up of my bedding. It’s actually a quilt from World Market! The pink fluffy pillow pictured earlier is also from World Market. It wasn’t too expensive, which made me really excited to buy it for my room this year lol.


With such decorative bedding, I decided not to go too crazy with the wall art beside it. I just put up some pictures from this year. (Btw, can you believe that we’re close to 2018? Holy…)


For my wall art, I just used some twine and pictures printed out from my phone. Super easy!


This is the left side of my room. Where the desk is, and also where I pretty much spend most of my time either studying or watching the office — which is on even in this photo.


If you have seen last year’s room tour, you’ll notice that I did use a lot of the same decorations as last year. I’m very content with the fact that it all still looks new and exciting to me, even though it’s some of the same items!


September is coming to an end.. (Hint, new monthly favorites post soon)


I just wanted to point out the two books I have on top of my desk. Both books are wonderful, but I thought it was interesting to put a book on top of a book that criticizes the book under it. Highly recommend Marcal’s book though.


Onto the next part of my room.. where I put my accessories, my closet, and my bathroom..


I put my jewelry stand here on top of my drawer, with some sunglasses, plants, and of course, my purse.


On the left here is my terrarium from World Market, and on the right is a cactus and succulent pot! I actually bought it from my local farmer’s market a few weeks ago. I thought it was so unique and pretty.


Moving on.. to my bathroom!


Here it is! I have my own bathroom. It’s a bit plain to me, but I think if I add another bathroom rug where I wash my face, it’ll be more homey.


What do you guys think? Should I add more to my bathroom? I only struggle with this because there was more space than I had imagined before I moved in. Really, I just wasn’t prepared.

Some essentials to my night time routine.


My shower — nothing crazy here. I’ve become more minimal with bath products, and I try to use ethical/eco-conscious items. I highly recommend these all the way, as the shampoo/conditioner has absolutely no harsh chemicals, doesn’t test on animals, and Dr.Bronner’s is quite similar.

Lastly, my wardrobe…



One of my goals this past summer was DOWNSIZING — I realized I had too many pieces of clothing that I would never wear, and not to mention, they were the epitome of fast fashion — H&M, F21, which, I understand brands like UO and BM, etc are also a part of this group. Though, it made no sense to me to keep clothing that I didn’t like/wear, so I donated a lot of those old clothes, hopefully so that someone else can appreciate them. (Shopping secondhand has also brought me some amazing pieces)

That’s…. all for my room! I hope that you all enjoyed this, I definitely did.

I’ll see ya in the next one x




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