College Must-Haves.

Oh hey there.
Now that it’s August, schools a’coming. Shit.
I wanted to share with you guys some college favorites of mine for the past 2 years of college. It’s been such a beautiful journey of growth, goals, and memories. These things that I’m about to show you have really served me purpose throughout all these semesters.
Hopefully if you’re returning back to college, or if you’re going to be a 1st year, these can help you out!
Lemme just show you what I’m talkin’ bout.

A Good Pair of Sandals. (Or, Easy Slip-On Shoes)


Top photo: Birkenstocks. Bottom photo: Rainbows.

These are like, super important. In college, you’ll often times need a pair of comfortable shoes that can be put on really quick if you’re going somewhere out of your dorm, ex) the laundry room. These are also extremely helpful if you’re say– late for class. Shoes that you have to tie are an extra step that you may not think about when packing your shoes for college.
They’re also just really breathable, and where my university is, it gets real hot fall semester.

Blanket and/or a Speaker.


For me, a blanket and speaker were just really nice to have when the weather is nice. Where I go to school, people come outside with blankets to study, listen to music, have lunch, etc. I really enjoyed having a speaker because I could listen to music with friends! The speaker works for when you want to jam out in your dorm, too. I myself have done that plenty times, especially with Sarah! (BTW. DANCING IS A GREAT WAY TO RELIEVE STRESS. RELAX AND PUT ON USHER)

I put my blankets and an extra bikini in my trunk in case for spontaneous activities.

A “First Aid” Medicine Box.

I don’t have a photo of my personal box of medicine, since it’s summer right now and it’s locked away in some storage box. BUT it’s quite simple! Keep a small-ish box full of things like Aleve, (or tylenol, your choice) tissues, Mucinex, Emergen-C, Dayquil/Nyquil just to have in case you feel under the blue. It happens to everybody, but I get sick at least two or three times a year. So I feel like this is super important.
ALSO, it supports hangovers, too.
If you’ve got a pounding headache, reach for the tylenol, or if you wanted to make a hangover kit instead (lol) you can.
Here’s an example of one:
Gatorade, some sort of food, Aleve, water. I don’t know, get creative lol.
Trust me. Whether you’re sick or you’ve got a hangover, you’re not going to want to walk somewhere to get these things.

A Reusable Water Bottle.


This one is important. I think anyone would hate to have to keep buying huge heavy packs of plastic water bottles to keep them hydrated. Keep a brita filter of water in yout fridge, and have one of these handy. It will save your life. Plus, you’ve got to stay hydrated. For your skin, for your health.

I have one by the Swell company.

A Great Pair of Leggings. Seriously.


Excuse the shit photo, but if you’re a lady, or someone who just likes to wear leggings, you definitely want to invest in a good pair or two. The pair I’m wearing here are the “Inspire Tights” by Lululemon.

Like I had mentioned earlier, if you need to run to class or go do things like clean your room/apartment or even grocery shopping, these are just a staple since you can just slip ’em on and get going. They match with any casual shirt and shoe. There is no question or thought put into it, which is nice when you just need to get things done.

I say “nice quality” because I have had just such bad luck with all kinds of “regular” cotton leggings. Many are see-through, they stretch out/become baggy, lint gets attracted really fast, and they’re just most of the time quite thin. This is just my opinion, of course. I would rather have a pair or two of some high quality leggings that last me instead of having to buy 10-15 pairs of $15 dollar leggings. Trust me on this. 

Fun Board Games/Card Games.

Last, but not least, are some fun board games or card games. When there seems to be nothing to do with friends, a good competitive game of Uno or even Cards Against Humanity can save the day. “Should I get the Uno out?”

Alright bbys, that’s all for my college must-haves. I hope that you have found this post at least a little helpful, and I’d love to know your must-haves as well!





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