Unboxing My Chloe Mini Faye. β™‘

Hi loves!
I’ve finally received my new bag — the Chloe Mini Faye Backpack.
It’s something that I’ve been wanting since around December last year, but I wanted to of course make sure that I wanted to purchase it.

I can’t explain how happy I am to own this bag.

Come unbox this with me!


After it arrived, I had to open it up right away. I bought this from the official Chloe website, which is why I think I was able to get a box along with the dust bag. I saw many people online ordering from websites like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom and only getting the dust bag, so I thought — since there isn’t a price difference, I went and ordered from the official site itself. Isn’t it gorgeous?


When you open the box, this is kind of what it looks like.
I had torn it open already, not realizing I needed to document these moments, and so some of the tissue paper was opened prior to taking this photo. There was a Chloe sticker keeping the tissue paper in tact, though. You didn’t miss out on too much there. πŸ™‚


The colors of this box are honestly beautiful.


After removing the Chloe receipt card, you get the dust bag and bag itself! (Of course, in between some extra padding) Ahh!! I was literally screaming a little at this point.


Here it is! The Chloe Mini Faye Backpack in the Motty Grey color. *mmmmy precccious*


It may be a bit hard to tell in these photos, but the ring is a soft gold and the clasp hanging onto it is a silver color. The details of this bag still get my heart fluttering, even though I’ve been staring at pictures of this bag for god knows how long now.

The size is absolutely perfect, it fits everything I usually put in purses, I actually believe less fit in my last purse. One thing I do know I need to be careful about though, is the suede flap. I’ll definitely need to keep that dry and clean.

I’ve honestly got so much respect for Chloe as a designer brand in itself, because of the style and vibe that they bring. I feel as though they don’t panic in the pressure of staying in trend and in the loop of the other top designer brands.

It’s much like a feminine bohemian chic style, and I like that they’re quite classic and minimalistic every season. Sometimes I see designer brands get more and more out of this world with the new seasons, I’m not sure if they’re even wearable…

Though this purse is quite high end, I don’t keep collections of purses — I stick to one and wear it all the time! The fact that this purse can be carried as a backpack, handbag, AND shoulder bag, just still surprises me. I’m so so happy with this purchase, and if you would like to see a “What’s in My Bag” or shots of me carrying this, you’ll see those up on the blog soon!Β Xx





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