July Favorites. 🌹

HOW is it the end of July already?

I am both ecstatic and sad at the same time — ecstatic because I’m about two weeks away from moving into my new university apartment, but sad that time has passed so quickly during my stay at home. I love spending time with my family, so yeah… it sucks — but I’m so excited for the future months to come, especially with blog material!
Things will be more “aesthetically pleasing” and I’ll be closer to my photographer/friend, Jordan!

Can we just agree that July came and went, just like that?

During the month of July,
I finally said goodbye to my trusty Volkswagen Jetta TDI.
I had some classic county fair fun.
I got to spend some time eating sushi and shopping with my best friend Sarah up north.
Got a weird rash on two spots of my body. But strictly the right side of my body. Weird, right?
Let’s dive into these favorites of mine for July 2017 —

  1. MISSHA All Around Safe Block Sun Milkjulyfaavs

    This sunscreen has definitely been a favorite for me, especially during the heat that July can bring in parts of California. I’m assured with this sunscreen that my face is protected by those pesky aging rays. What’s especially great about this sunscreen is the fact that it smells NOTHING like sunscreen, and it feels smooth and not greasy — if you were to choose to go AB (Asian beauty) this sunscreen would be the recommended first purchase to make. So happy with this one!

  2. Wrap Dresses

My favorite type of dresses especially in the month of July would be wrap dresses. For one, they’re so comfortable! Two, they are extremely flattering and elegant. I feel very poised wearing this one by Brandy Melville.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Brandy Melville’s Robbie Dress.

    3. The Office

Another question I have for myself — how did I not get into this show earlier?
Honestly, best show hands down. Not a ton of comedy-type shows make me laugh, but I always burst out laughing with this one. If you’re familiar with the show, I just decided to name my new car Stanley (after Stanley Hudson, the GOAT)
The show is a must watch!


Elliot — Roosevelt : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl5WfT7IDDU

Stay With Us — Seoul : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEDTDhjXlWk

Rose Quartz — Toro Y Moi : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ID1plssS4s

See you beautiful people soon












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