5 Tips to Keep You Fitness Motivated.

I know the struggle with working out. You find yourself drowning in the thought of what other things you could be doing, or, you just feel the intense lack of motivation. It really gets rough sometimes. 

Sometimes, your bed feels like the better option.

BUT I’m here to give you some little pointers on what has helped me stay motivated both before and during a workout!

1) Stay mentally driven.

Before you can accomplish routinely exercises, you kind of have to understand that it is going to be a routine. Or that it must be, if your end game is to lose weight or get fit. Saying “you’re going to start exercising” doesn’t quite set any standards. There is sort of an uncertainty about that statement, because it just means that you’re going to work out today, and there are pretty much no promises about tomorrow.
Remembering what you signed up for in your head can help you understand what you really are planning on doing, bettering your health.
If it helps, follow some fitness inspo on IG. It serves as a good reminder to keep going at your goals.
I personally follow @tk.fit, @whitneyysimmons, @carlyrowena just to name a few!

2) Write it out if you must.

Are you someone who needs to know what they’re going to do, and when? If so, writing out a workout plan and/or eating plan can help you stay motivated. The idea of checking off your whole list might make it all worthwhile to get on the treadmill or bring out the mat.

3) Know the benefits of exercise.

What really helps me continue to go to the gym almost everyday is the information I know about the health benefits of exercising. Maybe it’s just me, but I really care a lot about my health. I’m sure most of you know, but exercise can prevent many heart related complications or diseases that can occur to anyone in the later portion of life. It fights against diabetes, (which runs in my family) obesity, keeps your cholesterol in check… that’s really not all. Doing some sort of prevention now will have your body thank you in the long run.
Exercise also really helps (the obvious) weight management, and stress management. Being a college student, it is known that weight can fluctuate and stress levels rise during this time.
I make the effort to put in time for exercise because I know what I feel like in school both with and without exercising. I was much more able to finish assignments and study for tests on time because I had more energy and my head didn’t feel so cloudy all the damn time. I was able to think and receive information from my classes much more clearly.

So exercising isn’t just about cosmetics, it’s about your brain, too. 

4) Change up your routine once in awhile.

It’s perfect to have a set workout routine because you’ll know what to do as soon as you start. Though, I know people stop going to gym because it starts to feel more like a bother. That’s totally fine, because who wants to do the same shit every day?
Try changing up your routine once a week. Even if it is the order in which you do things, it makes an insane difference.
About once a week now, I try to incorporate some yoga. Yoga has amazing health properties too, I highly recommend you consider this! You can go to yoga classes, but since I don’t get them for free anymore (during the semester @ uni) I downloaded the “down dog” app to do some yoga at home.
Yes, you need a mat for this! They are super cheap at Marshalls and Target. If you really get a lot of use out of your mat, consider a nicer quality one from Lululemon.

5) Just don’t like exercising? Instead of a gym membership, pay for classes.

Listen, though. Many gyms offer classes for things like yoga, zumba, pilates, etc. These are GREAT exercises!! If it is just one that you really enjoy, say zumba — then skip the membership and join a zumba class at your local studio. Maybe it’s swimming that you prefer? Just get a membership at your local sports club.
There are plenty of ways to exercise without it “feeling” like exercise. Do what makes you happy. Planning out what you want to do to stay active takes only a few minutes. Take action. You won’t regret it.

Here are some motivational quotes that have really kept me inspired. Maybe you’ll enjoy them, too.

  • “Train insane or remain the same”
  • “Once I lost all of my excuses, I found all of my results”
  • “-insert amount of time- from now, you will thank yourself”
  • “The thing about workouts is… they only work if you do them”






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