How to Style Yellow Tinted Frames.

TREND ALERT: Yellow frames are coming in hot.

How are you all? Today I’m going to show y’all how versatile yellow tinted frames are. Part of the reason why I think these are so popular right now is because of the fact that they are so easy to style! I’ve been loving this whole vintage trend lately.

You can get yellow sunglasses pretty much anywhere right now, they’ve been trending for awhile. If you don’t want to pay a lot for some trendy eyewear, check on Forever 21. I know that perverse, dollskill, zerouv also carry some. (These are online stores)

Here are 3 varying outfits I chose to show you what works really well with these sunnies!

Outfit 1: Green & Yellow


I really liked this romper because of its tropical vibe. I think that it works perfectly with the sunglasses, as they pair well with natural greens.


I think if you wore any sort of leafy green color, or if you own a leaf print top/bottom, that would work quite well with these sunnies! Xx

Make it summer-y with some lacey sandals.

Outfit 2: A Retro Dress


Something just as easy as outfit one.

Pick out a fun, vintage looking dress! Reformation has some beautiful pieces, as well as For Love & Lemons. With dresses, you never have to think about matching your top & bottom pieces. Just throw it on and sashay away.


Pose holding some piece of your eyewear, and you’ll look extra af. Jk, generally it is a great pose! Try it out when you get the chance.


You don’t have to wear vintage type shoes with your dress, feel free to wear whatever pleases you! I could have also gone with some chucks, or even those lacey sandals from the last outfit. It’s all in your preference.

Outfit 3: Rugged Casual


Simple solution: when in doubt, throw on a tee and high waisted denim shorts. I liked this black on black outfit because I gave more attention to my sunglasses this time.

Can you tell that they pop a little more in this emsemble?

That’s about all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you soon. xx


Photos by @isabela__ann





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