3 Trendy Outfits. 🌵🌻

Today I bring you three different types of outfits. I understand that everyone lives in different climates, everyone has different comfort levels in terms of fashion, and so I’m here to show you all three varying trendy outfits that can hopefully give you some inspiration for your wardrobe!

Outfit 1


You know how some outfits can be so simple, but look really fashionable? Well, here is one good example of that. I’m just wearing a bodysuit and boyfriend jeans.

Bodysuit — Urban Outfitters
Jeans — Brandy Melville
Shoes — Urban Outfitters
Necklaces — YCL Jewels
Sunglasses — Wildfox

I paired the two with back ankle boots to keep it simplistic.


Bodysuits are great because you NEVER need to tuck in your shirt. Ever.


I wore a leather jacket too. Yes it gets cold in California!


Outfit 2


For colder climates, I went with a black mockneck sweater and salmon colored cinched trousers. I really recommend buying a pair of trousers if you’re trying to look more fashionable some days, since these are SO comfortable and they look great! They can go with boots, loafers, vans, converse, you name it.

Just loungin’ around.


All in all a solid outfit for colder days and for when you want to look slightly more proper.

Sweater — Unknown
Trousers — Cotton On
Shoes — Steve Madden

Outfit 3


Need something more casual? Here is outfit 3. It’s a simple graphic tee with high waisted cut offs. Wear this with any shoe you’d like! I slapped on a belt to make it look a little more “in style”


Fun fact — I took a class that I thought was going to be about social media, but ended up being on music from the past. Johnny Cash was just one of many artists we were tested on!


Shirt — Unknown
Shorts — Levis (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes — Converse

That does it for my three trendy outfits. I hope you guys got some inspiration from these, let me know if they did! I’d love to hear feedback! I’ll see you all soon xx

Photos by @jayohdahn. ♡♡





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