A Day in the Life.

See what I did on this warm, pre-summer day.

It’s been SO BEAUTIFUL this past week!
I don’t know about you guys, but whenever it’s warm, I feel like I’m fully in my element. Idk.. let me know if you agree. Haha.

Finals season is approaching for us semester-system college students. Please take care of yourselves, and kick ass on finals! You got this πŸ™‚

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Sarah and I got spent about only 30 minutes to get to this gorgeous beach! Lots of branches and possible foot injuries here, but the warm sand and blue water makes it 10x better.

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You know we had to get our grub on first before relaxing (and possibly napping) so before we got to the beach, we stopped by Eriks Deli to pick up a few sandwiches. Sooo good!

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Quick tip: bring a little speaker and play some music! I felt so happy sitting there in the sand, eating my sandwich, and talking to my friend Sarah over some really great music. It totally sets the mood.

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Another fun thing to bring to the beach are smoothies! You don’t have to spend 5+ dollars on a smoothie somewhere, or a $3 one at Jamba Juice that has too much sugar and unwanted ingredients! YOU can control whatever you put into your body, and plus… this green smoothie tasted the best πŸ˜‰ try adding banana + mangoes for a sweet smoothie while you’re also consuming your greens. Kale and spinach is life!

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Sarah and I took lots of pictures afterwards! Do you take tons of pictures w/ or of your friends, too? Shamelessly sometimes for the IG.

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After that, we layed down and tanned. It makes me so happy that I have such a great best friend that I can do anything with! We talked, laughed, and just had an awesome time soaking up the sun. Highly recommend having a beach day with your friends!

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We’re kind of weird.

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After our little beach hangout, we decided to look for some vegan milkshakes. Though I’m not vegan, it is easier to search for vegan things and not worry about it having dairy in it. (I have cut out dairy from my diet completely) Plus, I back the vegan trend!

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We got to this place called Saturn Cafe, where they make vegan/vegetarian food! We sat down and ordered not just some milkshakes, but some bomb onion strings, too.

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It’s not hard to eat dairy free. Veganism is just a step away too. Think about it and make a leap towards better health & happiness!
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This milkshake was actually life. So good! The straw was made out of paper too, instead of plastic. #savetheearth lol.

That was my day, I hope you enjoyed the overview. It’s days like these that make me so happy to be living on this beautiful earth. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you soon. xoxo



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