How I Decorated My College Dorm Room.

Guess who’s back.
Back again.

Come see what’s inside.

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I’ve had this lingering in my thoughts for awhile now, but SPRING SEMESTER is almost over for me! You might not know how insane it actually is; I literally thought we were only like a quarter way through the semester.

But anyway — because I’m about a month away from wrapping up my classes, I wanted to show you all how I decided to decorate for my 2nd year in college. I wish I had documented my first, but that’s okay because I had some pretty shit roommates haha.

Come and see what’s inside!

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I like to keep a little dry-erase board on the front of my door to distinguish that it’s my room! I also like when people come over/Sarah writes random things on it. It’s the little things that keep me sane, like fun little doodles and inside jokes.

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The wall nearest to my door is one where I keep things like my mirror and a command hook for purses. I don’t always keep my purses here; sometimes I’ll keep my coat hung on there if I’m just coming back from class and want to put it somewhere. It’s a great way to have less clutter. On the back of my door, I keep my robe and my towel there! *Feels extremely college*

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Here’s my chalkboard monthly calendar. I like having creative control with these sorts of things… call me weird, but I just love it! I have basic important events listed on it, and on the right side I have motivational quotes to keep me going throughout the month. I would highly recommend writing some sort of motivational quote either on your planner or your calendar. It really helps me when I’m feeling the exhausting stress from school.

I keep little things like this Bottlerock Napa Valley Festival flyer from last year on it, because I found it in my suitcase and I’m super excited to be going again this year! I thik that’ll be exciting for the blog 🙂

I have a Giants game ticket and a snapchat glasses business card from Los Angeles. I guess you can tell, I live in California! If at some point you see my school’s name, that’s okay. I’m not the type to hide things if it takes too much effort!

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Under my chalkboard, is my “side table.” I decided to add this to my room because there was no sort of bedside table in my room! I got this black one from IKEA. I added my yellow rustic clock from World Market, and I just keep things like my face mask jar and my sunglasses on the second tier.
The bottom tier has my face/body products in the little drawer box.
Oh, and I forgot to mention. I keep my PJs in the second tier to have easier access to them. Am I the only person who wants to get into comfortable clothes as soon as I get home?

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is how I decorated above my desk. I don’t really have the need to put anything on there, so instead I spiced it up with some greenery, a book, and a world globe. Oh, and not to forget, my 1975 poster too! Their music *goooesss*

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I don’t keep anything interesting on top of my desk besides school books and my laptop. Though I keep this little guy here because Sarah gave it to me for Christmas! I thought it was super cute — I also have a thing for rose gold.

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This is the wall you see right when you come inside my room. I decorated with these two atlas genius frames, and I got that “good vibes” record for literally only 5 bucks. Venice Beach vendor!
The two little pictures you see are just some free little snags from Blackwater boutique in San Luis Obispo. Really cute store, you should def. check it out!

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The last thing I’m showing you from my college dorm room is this really cool celestial chart!
Guess how much it was.
5 dollars!!
I got it at a bookstore in Santa Cruz. How cool is that? It adds a little dimension to my room — I’m pretty much in love with it. ♡

That’s all that I’ve done with my college dorm room so far. I’ll be living in a much more “apartment style” building next year, so you’ll see a new college dorm room within the next couple months or so. Be on the lookout! Add yourself to my emailing list to get a notification whenever I post. I love all you beautiful souls. Happy Friday! ♡




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