Say Hello to My March Favorites.

“Say hello to my little friend.” — Tony Montana. Scarface.

March has been an interesting month!
I took time to reflect on my road towards my own self discovery.
I decided to drive over 600 miles round trip to see the sights of Los Angeles.
I almost got my first tattoo.

These are the things that shined in the month of March.

  1. Birkenstocks (Arizona Style)

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These shoes are so comfortable, and it totally gives off magical hippie and bohemian vibes. I love them so much! I’ve had these for a while now, since I think senior year of high school. Wow… I’m just realizing it’s been about 3 years that I’ve had these. I don’t wear them that much during the winter, but as it starts to get warmer here in California, I’m bringing them BACK y’all. And you know since I’m placing these bad boys on my favorites list, I’m stoked about it.


I have the brown birko-flor ones, and I love them a lot because I can always wear them when I’m wearing boho laid back things. Usually I pair these with shorts and a loose tee, or maybe with a flowy cardigan. If you’re thinking about buying these, here’s the link. I highly recommend them! I know some people don’t think that they’re cute, but take those fashion risks, and work them like no other.

2. Wildfox Sunglasses

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Originally, I saw “Clothesencounters” AKA Jenn Im rock these in one of her videos. I think it’s this one. They looked so cute, and at the time I saw her video, I was looking for sunglasses in that shape! Luckily, I found them at my local Nordstrom. It’s been about a year since I’ve had these and I’m still so obsessed. They’re amazing quality and they just add instant “fashion” to any of my outfits. Here is the exact style of these Wildfox sunnies. Cute, right? Very fashion. Much hip

3. Natural, Homemade Smoothies

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I can’t stress how great I’ve been feeling for the past month or two! It maybe has to do with the fact that I’ve almost completely cut out artificial sugars and added sugar (jamba juice drinks, candy, etc) and instead started to consume REAL natural sugar that comes from fruit or organic honey! I don’t need to add sugar or even honey to my smoothies and they taste great. Don’t waste your time with smoothie places, you can easily make your own at home. Plus, its super fun 🙂 Up your smoothie game with fruits and superfoods like these:

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Here is an example of a smoothie I’ll make sometime during the week.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If you would like to see different variations or ideas of smoothies that I make, or if you would like me to go in depth with why I choose to add things like chia seeds, maca powder, and hemp seeds, comment down below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Tarte Shape-Tape Concealer

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I’ve been using this bad boy for about 2 ish months now? I love it! I think the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer does a great job with concealing any discoloration or pimples. I’m sure it also helps with things like acne scarring and maybe an unwanted mole, too! If you’re into makeup, I would definitely give this a try. It’s my most favorite concealer yet. It has great coverage, so a little goes a LONG way. I skip out on BB cream most days now and just use a little bit of this. I still look natural and glowy. 🙂

Songs of the Month.

I’m making a habit of giving you around 2-3 songs that I’ve loved throughout the month. If you’re into indie music, or even if you’re not, give it a listen! By the way, I’ll have links so it’s easier for you to just click to listen to. (Don’t worry, it’ll send you to a new tab.) So excited to show you them!

 After the Moment -- Craft Spells.
 Click here to experience the magic.
Start Somewhere -- Yawn Worth Yelling. 
Click here to instantly feel those chill uplifting vibes.
 You Only Live Once -- The Strokes.
 This has been one of my faaavorites. If you like indie-rock or just
 rock in general, this might be for you. Plus, The Strokes are a 


I hope you liked my favorites from the month of March. Can you believe it’s already April? Holy crap! Time is flying by so fast.

I’m in the process of making a really exciting fashion related post. Stay tuned sometime this weekend. ♡ Until then.






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