LA Food Diary. ♡

One of the many great things about Los Angeles is it’s amazing variety of consumables.
There were literally so. many. options.

Whether you’re searching for food around $5 or $50, Los Angeles has it all for you to explore.

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Urth Caffe was one of the places that my roommate Sarah and I definitely wanted to visit while staying here. I didn’t get a good photo of our food together, but we both ordered these amazing little pan pizzas decked with lots of yummy toppings. I got the “Sunrise Pizza” that had turkey bacon, sausage, potato, and (cilantro I think?)
It was cute that they gave us a little 3 spot dish with pepper flakes, greens, and shredded cheese. This would be my second time now visiting Urth Caffe, and I was not disappointed. By the way — their iced chais are pretty bomb, too.

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B.H Poke was a cute little spot on the side in Beverly Hills to get your grub on with fish. Originally, we were just going to pick up some Chipotle. How fun would that be though? So we got Poke instead.
I got salmon and spicy tuna as my choices of fish. I will say, though, the Poke isn’t very good without being doused in sauce. If you’re ever here, go for the spicy mayo. It’s really, really good.
Alongside the Poke box, I had sips of a ginger ale. I’d say it was a winning combination.

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Diddy Reise.
That is all.

For two ice cream cookie sandwiches, you only pay 4 dollars. You could also choose from a huge variety of cookies and ice cream. I don’t usually indulge in this type of food, but in LA, and for 4 dollars? I bit the bullet and enjoyed it.

Fun side note: I got a parking ticket after this.

To be honest, whoever gave me that ticket is a huge ass hat. My tire was just slightly past the red zone, and I was slapped with a ticket. I was only gone for 20 minutes, too. 😦
But it’s okay, because my roommate was nice enough to help split the cost with me. She’s literally the best!

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My last documented food entry was Korean food at BCD Tofu House. It was SO GOOD.

We would’ve ordered more if we weren’t trying to save money, but we shared a stone pot full of bulgogi and japchae (glass noodles) and we were definitely satisfied. I love the fact that we always get banchan (loads of side dishes) because it just adds a lot of variety! Whenever I eat Korean food, I’m never bored of the taste. Mmmm.

That wraps up all my documented photos of my food in Los Angeles. I hope you guys enjoyed this; hopefully it didn’t make you too hungry. Haha.

‘Till next time! I love you ♡♡



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