February Favorites

I’ve decided to make this a monthly thing.
Starting with February.

How have you been? It’s been what feels like forever since I last posted some content. With college and all, I’ve decided that I’ll be posting something new and fun either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday every week. 🙂 Or hey, if I’m feeling creative, all three days…

Even though I feel like categories will be slightly different each month, I’m quite excited to tell you about everything I really enjoyed every month. Let’s jump into this fun little chaos of things; I’ll show you five items that I have really been loving in the month of February.

First off, some rad skin care.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
COSRX is literally life. And it’s Korean, just like me. 😛

I recently bought this stuff like a week ago, and let me just tell you how freaking amazing it is so far. For most of my teenage years, I’ve always gravitated towards harsh face cleansers. Why I did that? I don’t even know. I don’t have bad skin, but I get the occasional spots and breakouts here and there. Maybe that’s why I leaned towards harsh, gritty products. (lol meh.)
Since using this combination of pH balancing cleanser + moisturizer, I can  honestly tell you that my skin has never felt better. I can sleep better at night knowing that this isn’t aggravating my face that much. (Since this cleanser claims that the pH is lower than most face washes and thus, it will make your face less red after you wash it.)
All in all, indestructable combo so far.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

If you’re either one of my roommates reading this blog post right now, then you’d agree with me on the fact that I live by this face mask. Hahaha.
But no, seriously.
I love everything about it — the packaging, the smell, the color! If I could describe the color of this face mask, I would say it’s a bit like teal, but this picture of Point Lobos in Monterey, CA does a better job of describing it to you.

Brb. Gonna go use more of this mask now.

Here are my favorites regarding clothes + accessories:

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset
Look familiar?

So if you haven’t seen my past couple posts, then this would be your first time seeing this watch! (See this post for how I styled it.) I got it for a simple $20 bucks while I was visiting my friend, Paris, in San Luis Obispo. I thought this watch was soooo dainty, and soooo cute, especially because of that darn cute little elephant under 12pm on the clock. Besides the way it fit on my wrist, the elephant is what sold me.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

This gorgeous little treasure it what ended up replacing my (in my opinion too large) old and worn Kate Spade wallet. The story of how I came upon this marvelous masterpiece?

San Francisco. A particularly cold, windy Saturday.
Sarah (my roommate/best friend) and I were out venturing the hidden mysteries of SF when we decided to walk into a building that led us to a store called Madewell.
We walked inside and peeked around, though to be honest, we weren’t willing to pay  $90 for a loose tee. I kept walking around and saw this little brown wallet, and what’s even better? It came with a reasonable price tag.
When I decided to purchase it, I was hit with two major pluses.
One? Madewell offers student discounts. BOOM.
Two? They had a promotional deal where I could get this baby monogrammed. FOR FREE.

I decided to choose a palm tree along with my initials SC. I really love how it came out, and I’m so satisfied to know that I’ll have a quality wallet that will last me a long time. I could not go without including this into my favorites.

Last on the tangible favorites list…

These soldiers. If you want a pair of quality leggings, Lululemon is the way to go. I know it is “basic” and popular, but there is definitely some reason behind the popularity! These cropped black leggings go with so much (If you want me to style these in a separate post, slap a comment down below.) They also fit just right! I’m sure this would be much more cropped on a taller person, but I’m 5’4 and this fits perfectly at my upper ankles. You really can’t find this kind of fit and quality of material elsewhere. 

Favorite Songs of February

Before I finish this post, I wanted to incorporate music too. If you don’t know already, I one-hundred-and-ten-percent live by catchy beats and tempos. I often go to music festivals and concerts as much as I can, because I think when I’m older, I‘ll feel as if it’s too late.

1. “Shine” by Years & Years — This song has been a major favorite for me this month. I really enjoy indie/alternative rock most of the time, but I swear by Years & Years. They’re a group from the UK and I’m just a little obsessed right now. No biggie.
Too lazy to search it up? Click here. Give it a shot! ♡♡♡

2. “Lavender” by Two Door Cinema Club — So like, if you were just going to choose between these two songs to listen to as recommendations by me, listen to this.  Wait until 0:44 when it gets soooo good.

“Don’t wake up
I’ll be here for centuries
Sweet magnetic energy
Nothing quite like this ever has existed”


That’s it for my February favorites. What was your fav out of all these?
If you enjoyed either of those songs, I’d love to know which one.
Guess what?
I’ll see you Sunday. Have a great weekend loves. ♡




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