My Tips For Style Happiness

To me, fashion is limitless.

The only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you feel good in what you are wearing. I’ve seen it all before — people are afraid to go shopping because they don’t know what’s in and what’s not, or if anything will fit the way the models on store sites do. Don’t overthink it. Shop for what makes you feel good.
I’ll give you a little insight on what I think is key for happiness in your style.

Feel Good in What You Wear.

Regardless of your size, part of being healthy and living a long joyous life is being careful of what you decide to put into your body. Oh and of course, being active. (Here and there… hehe.)
There was a time in my life a few years ago when I was very sedentary, and to be honest with you, I stopped liking how clothes fit me. For me, knowing that I’m en route to being the healthiest “me” possible gives me endless amounts of confidence to wear whatever I want.
So that’s why a while back, I decided to make sure I was being the best version of myself: the healthy me. Once I started doing that, I started feeling tremendously more confident and happy in not just my body, but my outfits. It really does wonders, give it a shot.

Buy Clothing That Fits You Right.

Does it make you feel like a goddess?

Whether it shows your insecurities or not, make your decision based on that. Knowing what you want to hide or don’t want to hide will take a lot of stress off you in regards to shopping, and you’ll feel great when you go out!
For me, personally, I don’t like tops that show my midriff. So when I shop, I’ll just ignore that and focus on a similar realm of stuff that I like more, like crop tops with high waisted skirts. (That combo won’t show your midriff, but it will compliment it. It’ll also still giving you a feminine feel.)

Don’t Let Fashion Faux Pas Limit You

Don’t let people tell you that it is impossible to rock denim on denim, black and brown, or wearing silver and gold jewelry.

If it looks good, then it surpasses this “fashion faux pas” myth. These rules only do things that don’t help your style; they block a great possible outfit idea, or they stop you from buying a really cute outfit.
And it’s just because the fashion rule book says so.
Oh wait, what rule book?



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