3 Ways To Style Brown Knee-High Boots

Hi loves!
I’ve recently been in love with knee-high boots. Brown ones. From Target, to be specific.

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They fit perfectly.

For reference, this is where I got it from.

love these because it hits perfectly at my knee, (I’m 5’4) and fits great with dresses AND with jeans. It’s soooo comfortable, too. I’ll show you these boots, three ways! ♡

  1. A flowy, flirty dress.

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Any dress is a great staple to your wardrobe — I’ve worn plenty of different dresses with these boots, and as long as they are a bit short on you, these boots pair fantastically! Making sure that your dress is on the shorter side will help offset the longer boots, thus allowing it to balance together really nicely.

2. A casual blouse.

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Blouse is from this cute little boutique.

A blouse is also always a great option because it’s loose, flowy, and it contrasts well with the form fitting knee high boot. I thought this outfit was so cute, but it needed some jewelry to put the cherry on top.

I decided to add this brown tie choker to put another brown item into the outfit, and for wrist decorations, I added this gorgeous dainty little watch from Francescas.  And who could forget that simple rose gold bangle? Cute, right?

3. For Colder Climates…

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A turtleneck is your best friend during cold, rough times. Plus, they’re quite chic and stylish. Practical, and fashionable! This turtleneck works perfectly because it does the job of elongating my figure, just like how the boots do. I’m literally so obsessed.

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For jewelry, I went with the staples. I always wear this watch and this bangle.
There just so happens to be a little story behind the bangle: My best friend and I were with our roommate roaming downtown, and we found this cute little boutique. (Though, I honestly forgot the name of it… blame my horrible short term memory?) Inside this little boutique, we found trinkets of all sorts. My eyes came across a pile of beautiful bracelets, and the bracelets had all different kinds of sayings on them. Some were “best friends”, some of them were “wife” but my best friend and I decided to go for the ones that were rose gold and said “sisters” because we have so much in common with our lives! It’s almost as if we were meant to be sisters.

So, that’s a wrap! I hope you got the idea that this style of shoe is seriously worth buying. I was hesitant at first but now that I have them, I couldn’t be any happier.



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