Fresh & Dewy Pink Makeup Look.

waaaaaassup y'all. Damn, it's been a hot minute! How are you all? I really didn't have a lot of time these past few months to put time into blogging, which is something I love doing. When you're caught up in the moments of life, sometimes you just don't have enough time. But that's okay! I'm… Continue reading Fresh & Dewy Pink Makeup Look.


Growing Up Korean-American.

Hi everyone! It's July now, and I figured it has been a solid minute since I've really posted anything. For the month of May and June, I spent a lot of time crushing my final exams, and celebrating my 21st birthday. The same day of my birthday celebration, I hopped on to a plane to South Korea!… Continue reading Growing Up Korean-American.

Get to Know Me… Some More.

H I  L O V E S I'm reuniting w you after a few weeks. How have you been? Today I wanted to tell you more about me. Specifically by answering some "Get to Know Me" tag questions. I really would like to get on a personal with you, so here goes nothing! So if… Continue reading Get to Know Me… Some More.

February Favorites.

Hey loves! It's time for a favorites post. I did some fun things during the month of February. I went to a Reddit meetup in San Francisco and visited the Korean Couture exhibit at the Asian Art museum. I went back to San Francisco a few weeks later, with my friends instead, and got super… Continue reading February Favorites.

College Advice: How I Survived 5 Semesters @ University.

Well hello, we meet again! Now that it's officially the new year, I really want to just talk about how I've come this far. Time has FLOWN by during my journey in college, it's crazy. I hope that this helps anyone who needs it, whether you are a new to college or if you're just… Continue reading College Advice: How I Survived 5 Semesters @ University.

January 2018 Favorites.

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday once again. If you didn't read my last post, I explained quickly that I decided I would post every Sunday! So look out Sunday for my posts -- or, you can subscribe to an email digest, and get notifications whenever I post! xx Let's get into my January 2018 favorites. A… Continue reading January 2018 Favorites.

Chilly Weather Lookbook

Hi my lovelies! It feels like it's been awhile. How are you all doing? Recently, I came back to my apartment at uni for another brutal semester. So far, I've been hanging in there -- starting my classes and kicking into gear with various projects and assignments. I'm so happy to be posting something for… Continue reading Chilly Weather Lookbook